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Our times of Worship services

Bible Study: 9 am
Morning Worship Service: 10 am
Evening Worship Service: 5 pm
Bible Study: 7 pm
Our Bible Study, which starts at 9 am on Sunday morning, is our Bible class time. We have classes for all ages on Sunday, as well as on Wednesday evening, starting at 7pm.


**NEWS and NOTES**

Audio Recordings of Sermons

 If you’re interested in audio recordings of sermons, many of our  Gospel Meeting sermons and all of our weekly sermons preached  by Brother Shane Vetter are available to stream and download.  Click here to be directed to our Gospel Meeting sermons. For  Brother Vetter’s sermons, click here.

Free CDs of Sermons 

 Perhaps you’d like free CD copies of some or all lessons preached.  Just email us at webmaster@westvuechurch.com specifying  which sermons you’d like, along with your home address, and  we will be delighted to send them to you.

Social Media

 The Westvue church of Christ also has a Facebook page. Managed  by our evangelist Shane Vetter, this page contains bulletin  articles, audio sermons, encouraging thoughts from God’s word,  and more. To receive news-feed notifications from our Facebook  page, feel free to ‘like’ it!


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